How to write a mystery story opening

While drilling aspiring literati on the subtleties of characterization and plot, few, if any, writing instructors offer lessons on crafting a first line, or even an introductory paragraph—though many agents and editors, if not impressed after a sentence or two, will read no further.

Do the events in the first section of your book need telling before the main action. Do have they have dark hair and blue eyes, or blond hair and brown eyes.

What is her favorite food. Its eyes were closed. When you start a story with your main character introducing themselves, remember to: Create your cast of characters, and help them come alive. Try writing a scene as a prologue, then write the same scene as a flashback.

Good story openings: 8 lessons from famous first lines

We have a basic plot: Who is this person. This separate introductory or prefatory section in a novel has several uses: Orwell shows his character making a mistake in the first line. Return to Content 5 ways to start a story: Even after the rest of the story has evaporated from conscious memory, the opening may stick with editors, an iron peg upon which to hang their hats—and, with any luck, it will have that effect on readers, too.

Often a new opening is called for. Throw your readers a curve by suddenly having something so surprising happen that their guesswork has to take a different direction. Sometimes a story evolves so significantly during the writing process that an opening line, no matter how brilliant, no longer applies to the story that follows.

What do we learn about Russ Van Alstyne. And why the subterfuge. This is the fourth in my series of story ideas, by the way. Readers want to read about people like themselves. This is especially common in novels where a single, unforgettable event casts its shadow over the rest of the book e.

How to Start Your Mystery Novel

I don't like the way he's looking at me. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. And they enjoy stories the most when they "become" the main character and go through the story with him or her.

The problem is that few readers, if confused, will ever make it that far. Write an opening sentence that will capture your reader's attention.

Try different approaches to your own mystery story. You'll want readers to know right away that this is a mystery. HOW TO WRITE IT. The first scene of your book presents some unique problems. Your primary job is to get your story moving while at the same time introduce your reader to the characters and setting.

Keep your eye on the story. A short story is like a chess game: The opening is a huge part of whether you win or lose. The first sentence of a short story doesn't just "hook" readers, it also sets the tone and launches the plot.

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(This is the fourth in my series of story ideas, by the way. If you’re interested in the others, check out 20 fantasy story ideas, 20 sci-fi story ideas, and 20 romance story ideas. 20 Crime Solving Story Ideas. Charles McDougall, Scotland Yard’s best Inspector, is laid up in the hospital with a badly broken leg, but that doesn’t mean he’s off the clock!

Another strong example of this story opening type, the protagonist/narrator introduction, is Vladimir (e.g. the murder in a murder mystery). Framing an event in your story through a character’s memory gives it weight. brainstorm story themes, settings and characters and get helpful feedback from the Now Novel community.


How to write a mystery story opening
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